Benefits to you

Benefits To You


    Having Transit Medical Services program in place gives you the peace of mind knowing you have taken the proper steps to add a level of safety to your company.  Our very affordable services, in most cases 90% less than a lab, will allow you a fast turnaround in testing and treating OSA in your company.  Don’t waste time waiting weeks even months for an appointment at a lab when it can be done now!  We will work with your employees schedule to ensure less time out of work. 


Having our program in place now will keep you one step ahead of future DOT guidelines.  Why not have a program in place that will add another layer of protection to our roads, your employees and your assets.  You can also check with your insurance provider for potential reduced rates on health and liability insurance for having our program in place. 


Treating sleep apnea results in lower healthcare costs and lower liability costs.  You will also enjoy a healthier and safer workplace and employees. 


Clinical studies have shown that treatment of OSA may decrease your risk of traffic related accidents, reduce daytime sleepiness, improve daytime energy and stamina and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.