What We Do


1         Testing

When testing an employee for obstructive sleep apnea, why send them to a costly and time consuming lab when Transit Medical Services can offer the testing to be done in the convenience of home or on the road and at a fraction of the cost? 


After completing a simple questionnaire we will have a good idea if an employee is at risk of having obstructive sleep apnea.  If an employee warrants a test we will come to you to administer the device and instruct the employee on how simple our device is to use. 


Your employee will be given a home sleep device to take home and perform a sleep study in their normal environment.  The next day, he/she will simply return the unit to your office.  It doesn’t get much easier!  After the completion of the study, it will then be downloaded to a lab for interpretation and the results will be returned within 24 to 48 hours.  If a therapy device is recommended, he/she will simply take a copy of the study to his/her doctor to obtain an order for a therapy device.  Simply send us the order from the doctor and we will then begin treating the employee and have him/her safely back on the road.



2         Therapy

After receiving an order from a physician, your employee will begin their therapy with Transit Medical Services.  The quality of a PAP device and mask play a significant role in compliancy.  We offer one of the industry’s top level devices at an affordable cost.  By using the Philips Respironics Auto IQ, we can dial in the appropriate pressure for each individual while providing breath by breath therapy.  Once the optimal level is achieved the Auto IQ will set itself to this pressure and continue to run a self check every 30 hours to ensure proper therapy pressure is being delivered.  If adjustments need to be made, the Auto IQ  will recognize this and adjust itself accordingly +/- a total of 3cm H2O. 


Along with the Auto IQ, we offer an array of masks to meet each individuals needs and comfort.  Comfort is key to compliancy and Transit Medical Services will go the extra mile to equip your employees with the most comfortable fits for their needs.



3         Compliancy

How will you know therapy is working for your employee?  Transit Medical Services will send you compliancy reports when you want them for each employee on our therapy.  How do we do this?  Each PAP device is fitted with a wireless modem that will dial out each day and deliver a report to track the progress of each individual.  This report will show the data from the previous nights sleep and also flag any potential problems the employee may be encountering.  Through our technology we can see how long the individual slept, potential leaks in the mask and current AHI level just to name a few.  By monitoring this data you can rest assured your employee is compliant with therapy and is not driving dangerously as a result of untreated OSA. 


4         Supplies

Let Transit Medical Services make sure your employee has the appropriate supplies.  As one of our services, we offer a supply program to ensure your employee is receiving the optimal therapy experience.  We will track each employee and inform them when they are due for new filters, masks, tubing , etc.  We can have supplies sent to the office or home. 




What we do


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